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Are you ready to design some FUN into the story of YOUR life?

Ready to create your life as YOU want it to be?
To savour the experiences YOU want to have?

 The Orientation Session will be run on August 19, 2017,
from 10 am - 4 pm,
at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre, 1110 - 17th Avenue SW.

Come and see how the full series will greatly enhance your life.  Really!

At the Orientation Session you will:

  • Play with your peers in a safe environment doing fun exercises.
  • Reflect on your life as it is now, and as it could be.
  • Learn about the 5 Dimensions of Life and their importance.
  • Discover how you show up to others in those 5 Dimensions.
  • Learn about Limiting Beliefs and how they could be stifling your potential.
  • Learn about the Value Egg, and where to place your effort for the greatest impact.
  • Explore what your own venture might be and how you could make it happen.
  • See all that's provided in the full 90 day series to help you create the life YOU want.
  • Have FUN while you imagine YOUR possibilities.

This ORIENTATION SESSION will reinforce the huge value you will receive
in the full 90 day Your Venture! Your Game! workshop series.

With a nominal fee of only $20 for the full day
this is a very low risk way to glimpse
the immense possibilities 
for your future.

You deserve this! GRAB IT!

Need to know more?
Call either John (403) 605-5955 or Frank (403) 667-5467
and talk to us directly about what else you need.
We are here for you.

No matter whether you choose to benefit from this Orientation Session or not: