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Are you ready to design some FUN into the story of YOUR life?

Ready to create your life the way YOU want it to be?
To savour the experiences YOU want to have?


Your Venture, Your Game!

is a 3 month long course with a huge amount of support built in
to have you create a meaningful venture
that is aligned with what you want to experience in your life.

The workshops will be on:

  • Workshop #1     September 9
  • Workshop #2     September 30
  • Workshop #3     October 28
  • Workshop #4     December 2

Through these workshops and the numerous support sessions you will:

  • Discover clearly what you really want to experience in life.
  • Generate multiple possibilities for ventures, and
  • Optionally, a Personal Development goal for 2017.
  • Closely explore three venture possibilities; then
  • Choose the venture that resonates most with you, and
  • Take action, daily, to make it real.
  • Your Result?  A venture model canvas to guide your on-going actions, and
  • Perhaps even a couple of sales.

You deserve this! 

Here's how it'll work.

During the 1st part you'll reflect on what you've been through, who you are today, and what you want in your future.

You'll examine things that define who you are; things like your values, what excites or angers you, what made you happy before and could do so again in the future, and what's enough for you.

From this self-reflection you'll create your Personal North Star, summing up the direction in which you want your life to go, the experiences you want to have in your life. You'll then come up with multiple possibilities for ventures that would give you what you want. From these you'll choose 3 to explore in greater detail.

If you already have a venture in mind, or even started,
you'll decide how it needs to be tweaked to really fulfill your deep needs.

See how much fun you'll have imagining possibilities!

I don't need to know more!
I want in!

During the middle part
you will explore the 3 alternatives you chose and pick one to make real.
You'll look at who you want to serve,
what it is they need,
what trends are impacting them,
what typical returns might be,
the training and certifications you need,
the legal and insurance requirements, and
the rules of the game and the skills you need to master to win.

From this exploration you will rank the 3 alternatives and choose the one to make real.

This is when you get to be really creative
and design joy into your future! 

I Want In!

The 4th workshop is the culmination.

You'll do lots of homework before the final workshop.  That's why the course is 3 months long.
You'll have the support of your accountability partner and your peer support group.
Plus, you'll be able to get private coaching if you want.

This is when you'll start bringing your venture to life.

At the final workshop you'll tell us all about the progress you've made and the results you've achieved.
What you tell us will inspire your peers to improve their plans, just as you'll learn from them.
Your 1 page venture model canvas will guide your actions as you make your venture real.

This is how you add joy and meaning to your life!

This is Exactly What I Need!
Let Me In!

Need more information?

Email John (, and
request a meeting on ZOOM to discuss whatever else you need to know.

All of us; instructors and our great coaches, are here for you.

No matter whether you choose to benefit from this action-oriented, fun programme or not:

It's your life. Be deliberate about what you will experience.