About Play At Creation
How It Came To Be

I've been playing my venture, PlayAtCreation, since 2015. It's my primary game for the 2nd half of my life.

I decided to 'retire' early, just before I turned 60, knowing I'd need to create a means of paying my way in retirement. We should be planning on living vibrantly to 100, and our savings and investments will not last as long as we will.  

I chose to focus on PlayAtCreation, one of 2 possible ventures I'd conceived, not having any idea how it would generate the income I need. However, it was the right thing to do, the more important thing; to spread the message that we are here To Play and To Create.
When I interviewed my peers before starting out, they agreed. Doing something meaningful is way more important than merely earning additional income.
My purpose, my Big WHY or Driving Force, is to Savour Life's Experiences.
The purpose of PlayAtCreation is to help others do so as well. Very deliberately, my purpose and that of my business are the same. 

I believe that operating your own venture is the best way to place yourself in the path of the kinds of experiences that are really important to you, the ones you've decided will make you happy. It's the best way to have a life worth living.

Years ago, the goal I had aimed for was Time Freedom, time to do whatever I wanted to do without worrying about income. Now that I'm 'retired' and debt free, that's something I get to do. I'm using that time freedom to explore other ways of being.

The outcome I am aiming for with PlayAtCreation is to have 1000 ventures created by people inspired and supported by us; so that when we get back home and are reminiscing about this turn on Earth, each of those 1,000 venture creators says to me, "Wow John. That was great! I'm so glad you got me to do that. I had a blast. Let's go do it again!"

Granted, this kind of goal does depend on one's beliefs about who we are, our place in the universe and how that works. I'd love to talk to you about this some time.

Interestingly, as I keep taking action daily, opportunities to play bigger keep appearing. I'm having a blast! So can you.

Join us on a quest of your own.