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How To Achieve Audacious Goals

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Workshop Summary

In a laser-focused workshop we'll lay out the path from your current circumstances to the future you want to create. During the workshop you'll use the workbook provided to capture the following:

  • Situation Appraisal: where are you now, where you want to be, the gap.
  • Your Measures of Success.
  • The Cost of Inaction.
  • Action Steps you MUST take.
  • Timeline.
  • Resources needed and available.
  • Action Items: Next 7 days, 1 month.

You get to complete a preliminary worksheet before your scheduled workshop.

You'll do some reflection and contemplation to decide WHY you intend to pursue the initiative you are considering. This WHY is very important for your upcoming effort to be successful. It will help you make best use of your time in the workshop.  

To start building your momentum as we approach your workshop, I'll send you that preliminary worksheet one month prior to the workshop date you select.

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