You have the freedom, and responsibility,
to choose the kind of life you will experience.

Relish that freedom and use it!

Almost all of us end up where we are mostly by chance. We make decisions throughout life, sometimes well thought out and at other times choosing what's easiest at that moment, that lead to our current circumstances.

Very few of us take the time to closely examine what is most meaningful to us, and to choose experiences that will lead to a life that we determine was well lived.

That's what CHOOSING DELIBERATELY is about.

Do so with the first of three courses in the Prosperous Modern Elder program, DREAM.


We rarely take time to consider what our values are, and what beliefs guide our actions.

Yet, these are set when we are younger than 7 years old. Programmed into us for our safety, and that of the groups we belong to.

Decide for yourself if these still hold true and are worthy of who you truly are.


Once our physiological, and social needs are met we begin longing for meaning in our lives.

What is your higher Purpose? What do you want to make happen in our world?

What experiences will lead you to having a 'life well lived', as determined by you?


You get to select the (ad)ventures that will deliver the experiences you choose to focus on and pursue.

Yes, it might look impossible to get to the venture you select. But it is possible.

Getting there may require multiple steps, but you can do it. We can help.

A simple & powerful process that leads you to choosing the purpose you want to serve
and the experiences you want to pursue.

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