The only way to successfully launch your venture
is to take decisive action regularly.

Every successful outcome requires continued action.

Once you've completed the DESIGN phase, you have a clear picture of your destination and the things to expect along the way.

You understand exactly what's involved with bringing your venture to life; the people you'll serve, the problems they will pay to have solved, the products and services you'll create, the activities you'll have to do, the risks you'll face, the money you'll need to invest, the partners you'll work with, and so many more things.

With that understanding you can now create a detailed plan, with a road map and schedule for your creation journey.

Plans remain plans until you act. This is the time for taking action ... NOW. Every day is a new NOW!

You know what you have to do. So begin doing it. And continue putting in the effort, even when the going gets hard or tedious. Just like when doing a marathon, keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will compete it.

That's what ACTING DECISIVELY is about. 


Most people jump into action immediately after deciding the outcome they want,

However, without adequate planning and preparation, they have no idea how long and how much effort their venture creation process will take.

This leads to a sense of overwhelm and despair when inevitable problems arise.

First create a detailed plan, road map and schedule.


When you have your plan you can begin taking action.

First address the things that could stop your venture from being launched at all.

Then tackle the most time critical activities, those that extend the launch date if delayed.

Finally, handle all the other activities.

All along, track and report on your progress. 


One of the things we all have to deal with is the tendency to let things slip.

Without someone to keep us accountable we put off things that must be done. The launch date move farther and farther into the future.

This part of the venture creation program allows you to build in just the right amount and type of accountability that will work for you.

This is the secret missing ingredient that will get you a successful venture.

A simple, step-by-step process that leads to
the successful completion of your goals.

Build in just the right amount of accountability
to ensure you do what's needed. 

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