The best chance of successfully creating your venture
starts with carefully thinking through and designing its various aspects.

Every successful outcome starts with a good plan.

The tendency, once we have a venture selected, is to jump in and start doing things. We feel like we are moving ahead.

There is a time for this, for taking action ... but not just yet. We need to look at the whole process for building and launching the venture. We need to understand exactly what's involved; the people we'll serve, the problems they will pay to have solved, the products and services we'll create, the activities we'll have to do, the risks we'll face, the money we'll need to invest, the partners we'll work with, and so many more things.

Once we understand what we are getting into, where we are going and what it will take, we'll create a road map and timeline. But that is the next phase. For now, we just need to get a very clear picture of the destination and the things we can expect to see along the way.

That's what DESIGNING CAREFULLY is about.

Do so with the second of three courses in the Prosperous Modern Elder program, DESIGN.


Who will your venture serve, and what problems are they willing to pay to solve?

You will be talking to the people you want to serve all along the process of designing your venture. Can you narrowly identify who they are and where you will find representatives to talk to?

It can be hard to face the fact that what you think is a problem may not be something your target audience really cares to solve.


Most problems are already being addressed by existing products and services. It isn't very likely that your have identified a totally new problem.

How will your solutions be better than what your target audience can already get?

Will it be less expensive, faster, of higher quality than existing solutions?

Remember that the one thing that none of the other solutions has is YOU! 


How will you tell people about what you have created for them?

Once they know about you and your solutions, how will you get them to try something you offer?

Then, when they agree to try what you offer, how will you deliver it to them, and ensure they experience the intended outcomes?

How will you get them to become part of your tribe and to ask you for more?

A simple & powerful process that leads to
a validated design of your venture,
vetted by potential customers and partners,
that has the best chance of success when launched.

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