Pursue Meaning. Joy Follows.

A venture can be any project, initiative, adventure, or even a business that you choose.
Make it one that is fun and serves your meaningful purpose.
Your venture will result in:
> Meaningful outcomes in the world
> Heartfelt engagement with a community centred around you
> A new, empowered and fearless self-identity
> Joyful experiences planned on purpose
> Ongoing income

Make it happen in 3 phases.

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Envision your future. Choose, very deliberately, those few experiences you will pursue on purpose to have a well lived live, one you can savour.


From all the possibilities you dreamt up, select just ONE venture to bring to life. Thoughtfully design and validate it before taking any action to make it real.


Plan and take decisive action to launch your venture. Your success is assured with all the tools, training, guidance and project management support you need.